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Richland Township Annual Budgets
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Earned Income Tax
Keystone Collections Group will be collecting the Earned Income Tax. For questions please call 1-888-519-3898.

Tax Day is in April. Our local tax administrator, Keystone Collections Group, makes it easy to file online. If you have any questions about filing online, please call 1-888-519-3898.

Even if you work outside of Pennsylvania, you can still file online. If you moved during the year, e-file makes it easy to file your part-year returns for each of your home locations if Keystone is the tax administrator.

State law requires Pennsylvania residents with earned income to file a local tax return even if your employer withholds the tax from payroll or even if you are not due a refund. If you don't have payroll withholding, work in Philadelphia and/or have net profits, you are required to file a local earned income tax return.

Local Service Tax
Keystone Collections Group will be collecting the Local Services Tax payments. For more information, their phone number is 1-888-519-3898. You can file Your Local Tax Return Online.

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