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Richland Township Richland Township requires every residence and business located in the Township to contract with a licensed Pennsylvania trash hauler for the removal of municipal waste, which includes garbage, refuse, industrial waste and office waste on a schedule of at least once per week. The interior of every structure and the exterior of the property shall be kept free from the accumulation of Municipal Waste. (Ordinance No. 244).

Prior to pickup, waste shall only be stored in leak proof covered containers. Such containers shall be supplied by the owner of the property or the person having control of the property. Violation of these regulations may result in prosecution with the imposition of fines and/or imprisonment.

Please note that these regulations do not prohibit the use of compost piles as long as the compost piles do not generate offensive odors and as long as the compost piles are secured to prevent animals from spreading the materials from the compost piles around the premises or to adjacent premises.

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Recycling is mandatory in Richland Township for residents and all commercial businesses, industrial facilities and institutional facilities. Richland Township residents are required to recycle at least the following items: newspapers, inserts, junk mail, magazines, phone books, cardboard, aluminum cans, tin and steel cans, glass jars and bottles, and all plastic containers labeled 1 thru 7. Commercial businesses, industrial facilities and institutional facilities are required to recycle at least the following items: aluminum cans, office paper, corrugated cardboard and yard waste.

NOTE: the Board of Supervisors took action in October 2012 to end the township-funded residential recycling program. The program ended at the end of April 2013. Residents need to make arrangements with their trash hauler to also collect their recycling materials. We understand that many of the haulers providing residential trash collection in the Township will include the collection of recyclable materials with trash collection at little or no additional cost. Also, some of the haulers have been running specials for new customers that include trash and recycling collection for a reduced cost.

If you have not yet made arrangements for the collection of your recyclable materials, we encourage you to contact your current trash hauler to learn the details of their recycling program, such as what items they recycle, the days that they would collect your recycling materials and if there will be an additional charge for the service. If you are not satisfied with the answers you receive from your hauler, you should consider switching to one of the other haulers working in the Township.

For commercial businesses, industrial facilities and institutional facilities, if you need assistance setting up a recycling program, please contact your waste hauler or property manager.

For more information, please visit the Bucks County Recycling Guide

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